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Hi, everybody!

A few weeks ago, I was honored by a blog and blogger I met through an online writing class we both participated in. She nominated me for The Liebster Award, which is a way for bloggers to recognize other bloggers and introduce websites they like to more people. How very cool is that?!?

The rules of The Liebster Award are a little like a chain letter with a positive spin (there are no threats of bad luck if you choose not to continue it). If you are nominated you include a link back to your nominator’s site.  Next you answer questions they’ve asked of you. Then you nominate five or more bloggers who have less than 1000 followers and who you would love to pass this award on to.  Then you ask them at least 10 questions of your own.

So…..let’s roll!

Who is your favorite author, or alternately, what is your favorite book?

This is a hard one for me to answer as I have so many.  My favorite book growing up was Rebecca by Daphne DuMaurier but I don’t remember the book as well as I wish I did.  One of my more recent favorite authors is Lisa Genova who has written Still Alice, Left Neglected, Love for Anthony and Inside The O’Briens.  I really enjoy her books as they all deal with a nuerological condition as well as how it affects the entire family.  A few other favorites are Liane Moriarty, Elizabeth Berg, and Sue Monk Kidd.


What is your favorite childhood memory?  

Another tough question.  The first thing that comes to mind is the summer between sixth and seventh grade. My best friend, Pam, had been diagnosed with leukemia the previous year and she was in remission during this time and we spent so many carefree days going to the pool and enjoying our preteen years.  One of the best memories was when our mothers took us to New York City for the day.  We walked around looking at store windows, ate lunch at The Stage Delicatessen, saw a homeless woman for the first time, and went to see our first broadway show, The Wiz.  We thought we were so grown up and mature.

Who has been the most influential person in your life and why?

This is probably the hardest question in this post.  There have been so many women I have admired in my lifetime and have tried to emulate. I think I try to take pieces of each one and incorporate them into myself in order to be the best person I can be.

What would an ideal vacation/get away look like?

I ALWAYS answer this question by saying my ideal getaway is anywhere I can get to the beach.  This is true.  I don’t know what it is about the ocean and the sounds, smells, and sand but I am so much more relaxed and refreshed afterwards.

What is one thing you do exceptionally well, but you can’t often talk about it because it would seem like bragging?

I remain extremely calm during a crisis.  I may crumble and fall apart afterwards but during the actual event I am as calm as can be.  I think the adrenaline must hit and somehow I am transformed into a person of zen.

What is your favorite food?

This is the easiest question for me to answer in this post – anything chocolate.

Have you ever practiced an acceptance speech in the bathroom mirror, and if so what award was it that you “accepted”?

I have never practiced an acceptance speech but I did practice a one minute speech I had to give for HubDot, a new way for making connections. One Dot. One Story. Inspiring ways to connect women through storytelling.  I do remember talking into the mirror as a teenager practicing interacting with my friends and “crushes” as well.

What makes you laugh?

A new puppy, a baby, memories.  I think talking with my children as they get older and rehashing their memories is so much fun.  I have learned to laugh as much as possible otherwise life will bring you down.

What is something you would like to see happen in your lifetime?

I would love to see less fighting in our world, an end to gun violence, terrorists, a cure for cancer, and treatment for brain injuries, etc.  Aren’t these all the things every mom hopes for their children?


Now I would like to nominate the following bloggers for The Liebster Award: A blog written by a writer I met during an online class. A blog written for brain injury survivors.  A wonderful blogger who homeschools and arranges CDPs.



Here are my questions for you:

  1.  What made you start blogging?
  2. Do you have a professional writing background?
  3. Who is your mentor and/or inspiration?
  4. What are you favorite books and/or genre?
  5. Is there anything you would do differently in your life?
  6. Where did you grow up and would you ever live there again?
  7. If you could live anywhere in the world where would that be and why?
  8. Describe your favorite memory.
  9. What is your favorite stress relieving mechanism?
  10. What are your hopes and dreams for the future?










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