Graduation Day

When I think of a graduation I think pomp and circumstance, of course, graduation caps and gowns, an end, and, of course, a new beginning.

Middle Miss walked down the “ramp” and received her high school diploma a few weeks ago.  There were so many emotions and thoughts  going through me in such a quick amount of time.

Obviously, we were so very proud of all she had been able to accomplish.  When she was a little over three years old we were in a horrific car accident where she was very close to death, probably as close as one can get.  A result of this event is she has a severe traumatic brain injury and has endured numerous therapies, doctors, evaluations, IEP meetings, and much more over the last 15 and a half years.  While still in a coma the doctors told us that they did not know if she would ever wake up, and if she did, what the outcome would be. So to arrive at high school graduation at the age of 18 was nothing short of a miracle.

Of course, part of me felt that Mike and I, as her parents, should also receive a diploma since we worked for it by advocating and moving her towards the “finish line”.

The biggest question hanging over our heads is “What’s next?”  This is the question that has hung over her for the last two years since by junior year of high school most students know what they would like to do or how they want to pursue it.  Unfortunately, she is not one of them.

We don’t know if she will be able to earn a college degree. She is starting at community college and will take 2 classes along with a 1 credit college success class for 8 weeks.  She will spend 2 days on campus.  We advised her to take it slow and see how she does. The transportation hangs over us as well. Unlike many other 18 year olds she does not drive which is a further impediment to independence.

I am trying not to worry about all the details yet and bask in her enormous rite of passage which she deserves more than anyone else!




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